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Ideas for YouTube Videos

If you’re looking to become a YouTuber but have no idea where to start, the Internet is exactly where you can look for inspiration. Here we share the top 20 YouTube video ideas you can try creating for yourself to kickstart your career as a YouTuber.

1. YouTube shorts

The new feature known as YouTube shorts, which are 30-second short videos like Instagram reels or TikTok videos, is a unique way to entertain and attract an audience to visit your page as well as get to know about the content you post on your channel. If you’re already producing long-form content, repurpose them into bite-sized YouTube shorts, or upload your Instagram reels or TikTok videos onto YouTube shorts to have one more platform to give your content more exposure.

2. Tutorial Videos 

YouTube is not just a platform for entertainment. A Pew research study found that 51% of YouTube users use YouTube videos to learn new things. There are numerous channels dedicated to creating tutorial videos, based on what they are experts in. From How To Bake A Cake to How To Add Subtitles To Your Video, there’s just about a tutorial for everything.

Recently, YouTuber Rob Kenney blends these know-how tutorials with father advice and affirmations with his “Dad, How Do I?” videos, being the Internet Dad we all didn’t know we needed. There are always opportunities for you to add your own twist to what has already been done to attract your audience!

4. Vlogs

Vlogs are an excellent way to introduce different cultures and bring people together. They can also be about your daily life, showing your interests, your work, or just a day in your life. Many YouTubers like Casey Neistat and Judy Travis have become famous personalities worth millions for sharing about their lives on YouTube.

5. Skits

Everyone loves to be entertained and what would be a better way for it than producing skits or short films? These skits can either be only for fun purposes, or they can be both fun and educational like if you look at smile squad, they make skits based on different communities, cultures, etc. this way, the viewers are both entertained as well as taught about other cultures and mindsets.

6. Reaction Videos

Sometimes, the viewers want to see what other people think about their favoruite movies, music, games, and even toys. Movie reactions are very easy to do, with no scripting required as it’s all about a genuine response. Kids REACT is a YouTube channel that has garnered over 1 million subscribers just by showing how children react to different things.

7. Trick shot Videos

While the props you need to create trick shot videos are simple (ping pong balls and household items), they are definitely one of the hardest to execute. But when executed well, trick shot videos are probably one of the most fun to create and satisfying to watch!

8. Book-Related Videos for the bibliophiles

There are lots of bookworms on the Internet, and we can’t get enough of YouTube channels discussing our favourite (or most hated) books. The type of content you create surrounding books do not just stop at reviews. Some YouTuber even attend movie premieres that are based on books, solve crimes in mystery books and dress up like their favourite characters.

9. Pranks 

Are you looking for a mischievous audience? Well, prank videos are the best way for that. Show your best, most creative, meanest pranks that you can think of and see how you’re praised by the prankster community.

10. Exercise Videos

YouTube is also a hub for materials, guides, and tips regarding exercise. YouTubers like @OfficialBarstarzz and Pamela Reif have made a name for themselves as your personal trainer, especially during the pandemic when everyone had to resort to exercising at home.

11. Productivity Videos

Show your viewers how to have a productive day. Show them your own schedule and the best possible ways for different people to make their own day a productive one.

12. Gaming Content

If you’re skilled in a particular game like COD or Assassin’s Creed and want to help your fellow gamers to cross the challenging levels, then try making gaming walkthrough videos. You can also live stream while playing a particular game.

13. Beauty Product Reviews

There is a high market for beauty and skin care products. Share your own experience on your use of different products, spread your own beauty hacks, and teach your viewers what type of products they should look for based on their skin type.

14. Food Channel

Everyone loves food, and food review and cooking videos have always been a top favourite on YouTube. YouTubers like Best Ever Food Review Show has established themselves as one of the biggest food review channel, allowing them to travel around the world to try out exotic foods. If you think you have a knack for cooking, why not film and share your recipes with the rest of the world? It is also a great way for you to share your culture like what Maangchi does on her channel when it comes to Korean cuisine.

15. ASMR

Do you have a mic, a pair of headphones, and some sharp nails? If so, then you have all that you want to start making ASMR videos.

16. Oddly-Satisfying Videos

After a hectic day scrolling through Facebook, people really come to YouTube to get some relaxation. And to grant this visual comfort, satisfying videos play a massive role.

17. Oddly-Unsatisfying Videos

Just the opposite of satisfying videos. Is a golf ball not going in the hole? Why!?! Whilst cutting nails, you cut your whole nail off. Yuck!

18. Videos Of Your Amusing Pets

Even more than footage of human babies, the Internet adores charming and humorous animal videos. A good fish to catch!

19. Live Streaming

Not only Twitch, but YouTube also made it easy for live streamers. You can not only live stream on YouTube, but you can also upload the stream afterward. Streaming heaven… no?

20. Featuring Top “X” List

When it comes to the Top 5/10 lists, people will watch it for sure – millions of viewers of conclude this. Top books, top phones, top movie scenes, and top gaming moments; upload anything with the word “Top” on it and see how your viewership grows.

Explore different YouTube video ideas

Many of the YouTube video ideas listed above are tried and proven to be able to garner videos. But to attract an audience and gain your own loyal following, it is important you add your own personality to them.

After developing your content, you’ll want to find the best time to upload them to ensure it hits the most reach.

Another method to increasing your reach and video engagement is by adding subtitles to your videos. We’ve explained why your videos will perform better with subtitles, with as many as 80% of consumers said they were more likely to finish watching a video if there were subtitles. Subtitles is also a great way to show your audience you care about inclusivity.

Automatically generate subtitles with Auris AI

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