Auris AI
For Education

Top transcription, subtitling, and translation tool for students, teachers and staff.


Transcribe audio or video to text, label your speakers and easily make edits like a word document.



Translate your subtitles to over 20 other languages from German, Bahasa Indonesia, to Hindi.


Easily generate automatic .SRT files without going through hours of video footages.


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Available to all current students, teachers, and staff at all levels.
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Engage with your students better

Not every student is an auditory learner. Add subtitles to your recorded lessons to benefit visual learners as well.

add dual language subtitles to video on Auris AI

Inclusivity matters

Adding subtitles to your recorded lessons helps students who are deaf or part of the hard-of-hearing community learn better.

Export as captions on Auris AI


Add translated subtitles to your recorded lessons to 17 Asian languages, so non-native English speaking students can learn as effectively.