Want to become a freelancer for a better work-life balance? Are you looking for a secondary source of income by taking up a few freelance projects? Improve your language skills and upgrade your industry knowledge while you freelance! Not only do you earn extra income, you can work from anywhere, at any time.

Here are the three types of popular freelance jobs you can consider:

1. Transcription

become a freelancer for transcription

The act of transcription refers to representing speech sounds with phonetic symbols.  You will have to listen to an audio recording and type down exactly what is said in words. They also proofread transcripts to ensure that the audio and text matches. Being a transcriptionist is becoming more common. Transcription companies such as Rev.com and Descript also offer freelance transcription jobs.

💡 Expected Pay: USD15/h 

Reference: https://www.ziprecruiter.com/Salaries/transcriptionist-Salary-per-Hour 


2. Translation

become a freelancer for translation

Doing translation refers to changing written or spoken words into another language. As we live in a globalising world, people all over the world can access to any online content. These range from books to radio and the internet. Managers also hire freelancers to cut costs and increase efficiency. They also outsource tasks such as administration to focus on business innovation. 

💡 Expected Pay: USD24/h 

Reference: https://www.salary.com/research/salary/benchmark/translator-hourly-wages 


3. Subtitling/Captioning

become a freelancer for captioning or subtitling

से ली गई छवि औरिस एआई

Subtitling, or captioning, is like transcription. It involves listening to a video file and typing down what was said exactly. Video subtitles are becoming more important to content creators. This is especially true for YouTubers who wish to grow their international fanbase. With subtitles, more people can understand their content and their fanbase will grow. Hence, they hire freelance translators to translate their video content to different languages. 

💡 Expected Pay: USD20/h 

Reference: https://www.salary.com/research/salary/alternate/real-time-captioning-hourly-wages

Required Skill Sets

✅  Excellent grammar and spelling skills

✅  Commendable proofreading and editing skills 

✅  Good auditory processing skills

✅  Written fluency in the required language

✅  Attention to detail

✅  A lot of patience- when words in audio or video files are hard to make out  

अब वीडियो में सबटाइटल जोड़ने के लिए ऑरिस एआई का उपयोग करें!

ऑडियो ट्रांसक्राइब करें और ऑरिस एआई के साथ मुफ्त में वीडियो का अनुवाद करें!

औरिस एआई: ट्रांसक्रिप्शन और उपशीर्षक

ऑडियो को टेक्स्ट में ट्रांसक्राइब करें वीडियो में सबटाइटल जोड़ें। सभी मुफ़्त - एक ही मंच पर।
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