Be business ready no matter
who you are and where you go

Whether you are a startup or an MNC, you can count on Auris to transcribe audio and add dual language subtitles to videos so that you can reach your target audience instantly.

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Promote your products or services in seconds to a global fanbase with auto-generated captions.

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Break down language barriers with dual language subtitles and instant speech to text transcription.

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Empower employees with an all-in-one transcription and subtitle editor for effective communication.

Discover how Auris works its magic


Our AI powered translator and language professionals can recognise your domain specific vocabulary e.g. Fintech, Sustainability, eCommerce, so we can offer translation services for banks, government sectors, online stores and more.

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Gain entry into Southeast Asia, the largest market with increasingly Internet literate audiences. We can transcribe audio and translate videos from English to Japanese, Korean, Tagalog, Bahasa Indonesia, Burmese, Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese.


Submit your pitch decks, corporate videos or hour-long webinar recordings. We can help you add subtitles and translate audio for your videos.

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Integrate smart AI into your business

Generate automatic captions for your videos and transcribe call center audio data or meeting minutes with Auris. With our unique proprietary Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), we are proud to have attained world-class transcription speed and accuracy.

Email us at and we will help integrate AI into your business smoothly.

पंक्तियाँ शेष

एआई . द्वारा संचालित
भाषा पेशेवरों द्वारा सहायता प्रदान की
वैश्विक ग्राहकों द्वारा विश्वसनीय

लाइन्स राइट

हम से बात करे

कोई व्यावसायिक अनुरोध है या ग्राहक सहायता की आवश्यकता है? 

यहां फॉर्म भरें या हमें पर ईमेल करें।

आप 1-2 कार्य दिवसों में हमसे सुनेंगे।

यह साइट reCAPTCHA और Google . द्वारा संरक्षित है गोपनीयता नीति तथा सेवा की शर्तें लागू।