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Auris AI is an online transcription tool founded by Nobuhiko Suzuki, a former corporate banker and the #1 freelancer in Japan for transcription & translation.

Realising the hassle of editing and subtitling videos, he developed Auris AI as a transcription tool so that users can convert speech to text, add subtitles to videos and localise their video content to reach more fans in ONE CLICK. 

As of 2022, international YouTubers and businesses are using Auris AI as their transcription tool of choice to reach a global audience.

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Our vision
Our Mission

An all-in-one AI transcription tool
for individuals and businesses

Auris AI was developed by AI Communis to help video content creators, freelancers and professionals do transcription, translation and captioning in a faster and smarter way. Powered by our in-house automatic speech recognition engine, any speech-to-text transcription and translation can be completed in minutes with world-class accuracy.

We are constantly adding new languages to our platform so that users all over the world can experience the benefits and ease of subtitling, captioning and translating audio and videos with Auris AI.

As a language expert, we also strongly believe in sharing our expertise and relevant career resources so that everyone can learn more about what we do and how it benefits society. Click ここ to find out more.

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