Privacy & Security

We understand privacy and security is key when you’re entrusting us with your video and audio files that may contain sensitive or confidential information. That’s why we’re committed to ensuring your files remain safe and secure. Hence, we’re doing the best we can to follow best practices for your privacy and security.


When users create an account, they will be asked to provide a name, email, and password. If users create an account using a third-party login (such as Google or Facebook) Auris AI will receive the information you choose to upload to the third-party platform. The audio and video files uploaded to your account are not accessible to Auris AI unless you give us explicit consent for troubleshooting a product issue.

We use your data to send you services updates, announcement, including notices of security incident or planned maintenance. If you have opt-in to promotional communication, we will market our product and services to you.

Auris AI uses Amazon AWS and the server is located in Singapore. We also use a number of sub-processors to provide our services. You can learn more in our privacy policy here.

Auris AI will not access to your transcripts or videos, unless we are given explicit customer consent to access it for troubleshooting product issues.

Yes, Auris AI uses AWS S3 storage and enables AWS Server Side Encryption (SSE). Amazon S3 SSE uses a 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256). For enterprise customers, they can request a private cloud to further enhance its security. 

Auris AI is continuously upgrading its security measures as the company grows. However, please find the current list of security controls we have in place to restrict access control. 

  • Restricting system access to an approved list of people
  • Differentiated access rights defined according to duties
  • We maintain records of access rights and logs of access

While we take precautionary measures to safeguard your data, we are unable to guarantee that authorities will not access your data. We are required to comply with local or foreign law, regulations, judgements, court orders, governmental sanctions, or any codes of practice or guidelines issued by any legal or regulatory bodies which are binding on us.

Yes, we regularly do a security sweep to ensure our security has not been compromised. We are also moving our application for SOC 2 / ISO 27001 application in 2023, which holds the highest international security certification standard.

Auris AI’s DPO is Kenny Wang. You can reach them through our support channels (eg: chat support or by emailing

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