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Add subtitles to video and trim videos instantly with Auris AI!

Trimming video on Auris AI

How to trim video on Auris AI

method 1

After uploading your file, check the box beside “Cut video”.

Use the slider to indicate where you want to cut the clip.

Trimming video on Auris AI

method 2

Type in the duration of the video you wish to keep in the boxes on the right.

Trimming video on Auris AI

Benefits of using Auris AI

1. Reach a wider audience

As a content creator i.e. social media influencer, podcaster, gain more subscribers and reach more fans when you include a transcript of your video. This can facilitate the understanding of certain members of your audience, such as the visually-impaired.


2. Improve SEO

If you are a marketer aiming to increase the online presence of an influencer or the popularity of a podcast, boost website SEO by making available transcripts of audio recordings and/or videos in different languages.


3. Enhance user experience

Nowadays, viewers are consuming content everywhere, at any time. It is common for viewers to listen to or watch content in noisy environments or in public, where audio must be muted. This is where subtitles and transcripts are important to facilitate a better user experience.


4. Save time and cost

Upload audio from recorded calls to meetings and convert audio to text for FREE or add subtitles to a video INSTANTLY!

Do you use social media and want your audio to be transcribed or subtitled? Add subtitles to YouTube videos and add captions to TikTok and Instagram directly!

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Auris AI is a highly accurate video subtitle generator and audio to text converter.

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