Improve team productivity
with automatic transcription

Let Auris AI do the work for you.

Transcribe meeting minutes to text;
Add subtitles to business marketing videos;
Translate promotional material to other languages to reach a global audience.
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Save time on
administrative tasks

Transcribe business meeting minutes, live conferences and audio recordings. Add subtitles to internal and external video content.

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Make your content
easier to understand

Transcribe recorded lectures and audio recordings. Add captions to your teaching materials so students can learn better.

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Save time on creating subtitles

Transcribe videos across different
social media platforms. Add subtitles in different languages to reach a wider audience.

Why Auris AI?

Complete any speech-to-text audio and video transcription job with Auris AI at a low cost and reduce the need for human intervention.


ہم حمایت کرتے ہیں
Asian languages.

Our speech to text AI technology achieves up to 99% accuracy, and we have an in-house team of native language experts to transcribe and proofread your transcripts.

Affordable plans, 24/7 support:
for all your speech to text demands.

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Flexible Payment

Think billing and invoicing are a hassle?

We agree. We accept electronic payment methods for faster processing, on-time payment and for you to have more control over your finances.

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Customised Plans

Want more transcription minutes and storage space to transcribe longer and larger audio and video files?

We can create a custom plan to suit all your subtitling and translation needs.

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Customer Support

Need help on how to use Auris AI?

We will assign a dedicated customer support agent to your case, who will be available to answer any queries round-the-clock.

ہمارے ساتھ چیٹ کریں۔

ایک کاروباری درخواست ہے یا کسٹمر سپورٹ کی ضرورت ہے؟ 

یہاں فارم پُر کریں یا ہمیں پر ای میل کریں۔

آپ ہم سے 1-2 کام کے دنوں میں سنیں گے۔

یہ سائٹ reCAPTCHA اور Google کے ذریعے محفوظ ہے۔ رازداری کی پالیسی اور سروس کی شرائط درخواست دیں.